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denali star 3 Rules for Dog Parks denali star


Itís a beautiful day out, the sun is shining and the temperature is just right. What better time to take your best bud out to the dog park? You grab the leash and try to calm your eager companion before heading out the door. On your way to the dog park, you may reprimand your furry friend for walking into the street or getting a little too far ahead of you. After-all, there are rules a rottweiler owner must enforce in the interest of his or her petís safety. But, there are also some rules you should follow once you get to the dog park itself.  

As you may have noticed, dog parks seem to be popping up all across the country. Itís a wonderful trend for those of us who love our rottweilers and want to give him or her the best time we can. These parks are a dream come true for dogs - they can roam off the leash and form groups of friends that they might never meet in their usual, neighborhood stomping grounds. As to be expected, there are many dog owners who have responded to this development in full. For example, in Californiaís Runyon Park and Laurel Canyon, there were dog parks established that became so popular that new dog parks had to be created to accommodate the overcrowding.

With so many dogs attending neighborhood dog parks, it is important that certain rules be observed and followed. There are three common mistakes that every dog owner is likely to make when bringing their best bud to the park for some fun. But, fear not, there are simple solutions to all of these minor infractions. 

One common mistake that dog owners tend to make is allowing their dogs to run loose around the park without providing proper supervision. This lack of over-seeing your rottweilerís activities can lead to aggressive, unwelcome encounters with other dogs. You may look up to suddenly find that your dog is being bullied by another dog, or, perhaps your dog is dominating another dog in an aggressive, unpleasing way. Hopefully, if this happens, the situation will not be too out of control and you can step in, making both dogs safe and happy once more. But, an easy way to prevent this would be to simply keep an eye on your rottweiler. This is rule number one at the dog park. 

While it is important to watch over your rottweiler, sometimes simply observing isnít enough. It is easy to view the dog park as solely a dog activity. It is helpful, however, to participate with your rottweiler as well, even though he or she may look like theyíre having the time of their life with just their canine buds. Think of your rottweiler as you might your child, as different as these two relationships are, they are also similar in many ways. You are responsible for teaching your rottweiler obedience, proper behavior and of course, letting he or she know that you want to be a part of their life, just as you might do with your son or daughter. You would never take your child to the park and totally ignore his or her actions, right? So, next time you take your bud to the park, try to keep an eye on them and interact with them, keeping them in line and letting them you know you love them, whenever it seems appropriate. Thatís rule number two. 

Rule number three actually has little to do with the dog park itself. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to depend solely on the dog park as a means by which to fulfill their dogís active and emotional needs. Often times, a dog owner may see their trip to the dog park as being their good dog deed for the day and ignore other emotional needs when he or she gets home. Partaking in this type of behavior may cause your rottweiler to become increasingly detached. This may also cause behavior problems and distress at home that may seem curious seeing as you were such a good guy or gal earlier, taking your friend to the place he or she likes best. While many rottweiler owners practice love and attention in and away from the dog park, with our busy schedules, it can be easy to forget that there is still attention needed once you get home. So, rule number three is simple, be attentive and loving to your rottweiler whenever and wherever you may be. 

Going to the dog park is a great activity. It allows your rottweiler to socialize in a way that he or she would never be able to do with a human companion. Just remember that responsible fun is the best type of enjoyment. So, keep an eye on your buddy when youíre at the park, play with him or her and remain a teacher when the time seems right and donít end that type of loving attention when you get back home. But, remember, the most important rule of going to the dog park is to have fun!

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