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caring for a rottweiler 7 Steps to Obtain and Care for A Rottweiler caring for your rottweiler


7 Steps to Obtain and Care for A Rottweiler

Step 1: Find a reputable Rottweiler rescue. Sadly, there are so many Rottweilers in need of a home that you will have no trouble locating one to rescue. Get as much information about the rottweiler as possible, such as family history and health history.

Step 2: Enroll in obedience training immediately. Even if your new Rotty is not a puppy, he will begin responding immediately to training. This is a very intelligent breed of dog and one that wants to be given responsibilities. (We literally trained our Rottweiler to bring us the paper!)

Step 3: Become familiar with problems that the breed is prone to. Unfortunately, Rottweilers have weak immune systems and are susceptible to viruses. Because of their large frame, they are also known to have joint and bone issues, as well as heart problems.

Step 4: Because of the issues mentioned in Step 3, it’s imperative that you find a vet that is familiar with this breed of dog. Chances are that you will visit your veterinarian often. It might even be in your best interest to purchase dog insurance.

Step 5: Ask the vet about health supplements that are appropriate for the Rottweiler. You might want to supplement his diet in order to boost his immune system. And twice a year, when he sheds, you might want some fish oil to help reduce the black hairs in your home.

Step 6: A Rottweiler has a large appetite and needs to be fed a high quality food that is high in protein. A high quality food will help to bolster his immune system and will keep him energized for all the exercise you expose him to.

Step 7: Which leads us to…daily exercise. Your Rottweiler needs to be walked or run on a daily basis. Not exactly a fetching breed, this dog will simply enjoy the routine of being exercised and will definitely enjoy the time spent with you.

Rottweilers have had a bad reputation in the past. Because of their size and their commanding presence, people often assume they are aggressive. If you’ve followed the steps above, your Rottweiler will be well socialized and well taken care of. Therefore, he will be well received by others.

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