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denali star Buying a Dog or Puppy - Finding and Selecting Breeders  denali star


You have taken the step. You are going to purchase a rottweiler. You are sure this time. You want to go and get the best rottweiler puppy or rottweiler dog you can. You have done your research. You know what type of temperament you want. You are specific on some characteristics. You know the size, different breeds and characteristics you think will make a good match. Now you think you are ready, you need to consider where to go to find this ideal canine companion.

There are many possible options for you in your search to locate and bring home the one. The most obvious, if you are interested in specific breeds, are breeders. You can find reputable rottweiler breeders – and I stress the word reputable, rottweiler breeders in the publications of the local kennel club. Among these is Dogs Annual. Such publications usually have a directory with several pages on the various breeders. The Canadian Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, the United Kingdom Kennel Club and similar recognized groups also have online sites. Here, you can gather information on such things as location, pedigree and reputation.

Another source of good information on rottweiler breeders is your Vet. He or she may be in contact with various reputable breeders. There may be postings in the office. A veterinarian college or hospital can also provide information. Ask questions and listen to the answers.

Dog shows are another source of locating a good breeder. Those who attend can supply you with the right information. At a dog show you can receive specific and general information. You can get a better idea of whether the breed is really what you expect. You can also get to ask questions in the right environment.

If you get the chance, arrange for a visit. Be sure you arrive at the breeder’s with questions. Be sure you visit the site of the kennels. Check out the parents. Dally with the offspring. Do not be surprised if you will have to go on a waiting list. This is the sign of a good breeder.

A purebred rottweiler may be expensive. You may be able to purchase an older purebred for less money. This depends on your intent. Are you looking for a companion animal? Do you want a dog to breed? Are you hoping to combine both? Some breeders do not sell for breeding purposes. Some breeders sell off young dogs and puppies they will not breed. These ones may have conformation problems or genetic defects. They are great and even wonderful dogs. They are not, however, dog show material.

An honest rottweiler breeder will tell you of the possible flaws in your proposed pet. They will know the history of their breed. They will be able to recite the chapter and verse of their dog’s lineage. They will be willingly to share with you what they can about the dogs they, and now you, love. There will be no hesitation informing you about the breed you are about, or want, to call your own.

Breeders offer a type of guarantee. They will take their dog back if things do not work out. Some demand references. They want to see where your pet will live. They want to make sure all of their puppies or dogs go to the best type of home possible. This is not purely about the money. This is about making sure their dog and you are the best match possible. It is a match they hope will last a lifetime.

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