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How to Crate Train Your Rottweiler

When you hear someone adamantly against dog crates, it’s usually because they don’t understand the relatively new concept or they’ve only seen it used as a punishment for dogs. Crate training is not supposed to be used as punishment or to create a “prison” for your rottweiler.

All animals have a natural instinct for nesting. They actually enjoy it. They need a quiet, safe place where they can feel secure and comfortable. Rottweilers feel more comfortable in an enclosed or semi-enclosed environment because they feel more protected. Dog crates are available in different sizes so that you can match the crate size to the dog in order for him to snuggle down and get comfy. You should put a pillow in there for him as well. Another reason for dog crate training is that dogs like routine. They get nervous when taken out of their routine; they like to know what to expect.

Rottweilers can suffer from separation anxiety when you leave them alone, resulting in behavior such digging, chewing, or relieving himself in the house. When man’s best friend is snug in his crate, he feels more secure because nothing can hurt him in there.

Let’s start our discussion with how to get your rottweiler to accept the crate for the first time. Place the dog crate where you will be leaving it and leave the door to the crate open. Put nice dog bedding, blanket, or pillow in the crate, along with a treat. Allow your dog to discover the crate on his own. He will smell the treat and go in to explore. Allow him to come and go into the crate as he pleases for a little while until he gets used to it. Praise him when he goes in for his treat. After a while, the next time he goes in for his treat, close the door behind him and praise him. Only keep him in the crate for a minute or so, then let him out and praise him again. Do this several more times, letting the intervals that he stays in the crate increase each time.

The first time you leave him alone locked inside the crate; do not leave him there for more than 2 hours. During this time, if he cries, do not let him out because he will confuse that behavior with reward. When you do let him out, take him directly outside to potty and when he does so, praise him. This will accomplish a couple of things. It will train his bladder to adjust to routine times that you will be letting him out to potty. As a general rule, dogs won’t go to the bathroom where they sleep, so there shouldn’t be any mess in the crate. But if he does have an “accident” at first, don’t punish him or scold him or else he will grow to fear the crate.

Now let’s talk about the crate itself. Dog crates can be functional or they can be stylish, both to accommodate the dog as well as to make you happy that the crate matches your décor. You can choose from a traditional box or wire cage or you can choose a crate made from wicker, rattan, polyvinyl, wood, or other materials.

When choosing a dog crate, there are a couple of things to consider in terms of size requirements. As previously mentioned, it needs to fit the size of your rottweiler to make it the warm, secure nest that he desires. The height of the dog crate only needs to be tall enough so that your dog can stand up inside without bumping his head. The width and length of the dog crate should be enough so that your best friend can lay fully stretched out without being curled up. There should be enough room for a water bowl and for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay back down.

Good luck with your crate training. Your rottweiler will enjoy his own private space and the security that it brings.

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