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denali star How To Reduce Your Rottweilers Carbon Pawprint denali star


If you are the proud owner of a Rottweiler, you may be considering how you can reduce your dog's carbon paw print. A recent article from NewScientist indicates that even a medium-sized dog has a carbon footprint twice as large as a gas guzzling SUV, so you can imagine the environmental impact of a larger dog like a Rottweiler. This research takes into consideration the amount of land required to grow dog food, the dog's poop, materials used for toys and bedding, and the chemicals used in dog food and grooming products.

Whether it's the food, toys, or bedding you buy, you can keep your companion healthy and happy, while at the same time living green. Using eco-friendly products can help reduce your dog's carbon paw print without sacrificing his comfort.

Toys: Look for stuffed toys that have recycled stuffing inside and use natural materials on the outside. Rubber and plastic toys can be made from recycled materials as well, and they should be recyclable once your doggie is done with the toy.

Doggie Poo: One of the major sources of your dog's environmental impact comes in the form of dog poo. There are natural systems which can liquefy your pet's waste to allow for ground absorption. This avoids throwing the bagged waste into the trash and ultimately into the landfill. If this is not practical for you, consider biodegradable doggie bags. You can also reuse bags, such as reusing the plastic bag for your newspaper.

Dog Beds: As with toys, beds should be filled with recycled materials. There are even beds that used recycled plastic bottles that have been crushed and ground down to create a soft, comfortable filling.

Grooming products: Choose grooming products such as shampoos that don't contain chemical which can harm the environment. This is good both for the environment and for your dog's skin.

Foods: In addition to choosing environmentally friendly products, your best method of reducing your Rottweiler's carbon footprint is to consider buying only natural foods. Foods should not have artificial additives or preservatives, which are commonly included in most grocery store dog foods.

Organic foods are healthy for your Rottweiler and for your environment, but they can be expensive, especially when you consider how much your large dog eats. If you like, you can make some of your dog's food, which gives you control over the ingredients, the freshness, and the cost. Even if you don't want to make all of his food, consider making your pet's treats. This can include those hard dog biscuits for chewing, or even nutritional smoothies as treats. Smoothies can be veggie, fruit, or protein based, depending on your dog's likes and needs. Whip up a batch and freeze in individual portion sizes. When you're ready to serve, either thaw the smoothie or serve frozen on a hot day.

If you choose to make homemade dog foods or treats, either use recipes specifically for dogs or research what ingredients are safe before you create your own recipes.

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