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Training Herding And Working Breed

In the past, the herding group was considered as part of the working group category, because the two groups share similar traits and attributes. Both of these groups have been bred to be strong and dependable companion dogs. Since 1983, though, the American Kennel Club has divided the herding and working dog group into two different groups.

Herding Breeds

Bred to assist farmers in moving flocks of geese, chicken and other farm animals from various locations on the farm, herding breeds are very helpful dogs. Dogs from this breed are very intelligent and are extremely loyal companion dogs that bond well with the family.

Below are dogs considered as part of the herding breed:

Australian Cattle Dogs
Australian Shepherds
Border Collies
Bouvier des Flanders
Canaan Dog
German Shepherds

A great deal of creativity and love for the outdoors are required when training a dog in the herding breed. Most will instinctively herd children, pets and anything else they encounter. These dogs will become bored without something to do. Herding dogs require more exercise than just walking and they require mental exercise too. Exercise for herding dogs needs to be uniquely, mentally and physically challenging.

Working Breeds

Dogs in the working breed tend to be larger and have been bred to do work, such as pulling carts and sleds. They have also been bred to guard and to perform rescues. Examples of dogs in this breed include:

Bernese Mountain Dogs
Doberman Pinchers
Great Danes
Great Pyrenees
Siberian Husky

Dogs in the working breed tend to be large; some weighing over 60 pounds and larger male dogs can weigh over 150 pounds when fully grown. The remarkable Komondor, renown for its long, ringlet style coat is an example of this type of dog. Dogs, such as the Doberman Pinchers and Rottweilers make outstanding guard dogs, and qualified dog trainers can be an asset in providing training for working breed dogs used as watch dogs.

Although some dogs in the working breed can be hostile and possessive of their owners when they are in the presence of strangers, they are normally calm dogs. At an early age, dogs, such as the Akita, that have been bred to hunt and to protect, will need to be socialized and taught to control their aggressive tendencies when they mature. Since dogs from the working breed are so big, they have be trained to be obedient, because they can harm children and other dogs when they perform normal activities, such as jumping up.

Owning, training and working with a herding breed or working breed dog require attention and commitment. If you own a farm, they can be an asset, but if you do not, they are still exceptional dogs for you and your home. With effort on your behalf in terms of keeping them motivated mentally and physically with exercise, herding and working dogs is an asset. They will watch your home, play with your children and possibly do some work. Moreover, they make great companion dogs.

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