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Agility Training and Rottweilers

Agility training is different than rottweiler obedience classes or puppy kindergarten.  Agility training can be done in a class, in private lessons or at home if you have the right equipment.  It is an activity that is meant to be enjoyed by both the handler and their rottweiler.  Working as a team, the handler guides their rottweiler through an obstacle course.  A course typically includes tunnels, jumps, a place for the rottweiler to pause for a count of a few seconds and obstacles for the rottweiler to climb.  Any healthy rottweler can take part in agility training.  However, it is important that rottweilers first take a basic obedience class to learn how to take commands from their handlers and that puppies not use adult dog agility equipment since a fall could hurt their growing bones.  The “success” is measured both by the rottweiler's accuracy on the course and the time it takes the team to complete the course.  While many rottweilers and their owners compete in agility competitions, there are many benefits to agility training that do not include winning, or even competing in a competition.

Benefits to Dog and Owner

Agility training is a healthy and worthwhile activity for several different reasons, including:

·         Physical Exercise:  Agility training provides an excellent exercise opportunity for your rottweiler.  The dogs practice their running skills, their balancing skills and their jumping skills as they navigate the course. If you have a large or active rottweiler, agility training can be especially important during inclement water since it gives the dog ample exercise indoors.

·         Mental Exercise: Agility courses provide much needed mental exercise for smart rottweilers.  When intelligent dogs become bored they often become destructive or badly behaved.  The obstacle courses and tasks required during agility training require the rottweiler to think.

·         Confidence: A rottweiler is proud of a job well done.  If you have a shy, timid or nervous dog then agility training can help increase the dog’s confidence in a number of ways.  First, the rottweiler will be around other dogs and people.  Even a shy rottweiler will get used to that over time and become more comfortable with strangers and other animals.  Second, a rottweiler will become more confident in his own physical abilities

·         Owner / Dog Teamwork: Agility training and competitions require good communication between the owner and his or her rottweiler.  Training occurs through positive verbal reinforcement and treats, not punishment or abuse.  Rottweilers learn to trust their owners and owners respect their dogs.  This trust, communication and respect extends far beyond the agility course and is the foundation for a good relationship and a healthy dog.

·         Enjoyment: Above all, agility is meant to be fun.  It is meant to be an activity that owners and dogs enjoy together and that they can work on mastering as a hobby. 

Agility training can be expensive and time consuming.  However, if you have an active or intelligent rottweiler it can be a good investment for your dog and something that you might enjoy as well.

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