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Choosing A Large Dog

Almost nothing makes as good a companion as a large dog. Their physical looks and attributes allow them to accompany their master on extra-long adventures. However, do not think that a dog of this size will easily fit into just any way of life or environment. Most of these large pets have been especially bred for purposes such as herding, guarding, or hunting due to this, their own style and way of acting may not be in complete agreement with the environment you want to create for them.

As a good general rule, a few assumptions can be made. One example is terriers while great energetic pets, they can be snappy due to their bred-in desire to hunt small game. On the other hand, bird hunting dogs have a reputation of being gentle and affectionate animals that are right at home whether you're hunting or playing with the children. Hounds have a much more independent spirit than most owners would care for; while rottweilers and guard dogs need an environment that is akin to what their original purpose was.

Due to these considerations, it would be in error to purchase a Labrador, for instance, and expect a guard dog; or to buy a Rottweiler and expect him to be a family-friendly pet with little training. Choosing a dog requires you to also keep in mind how much grooming they will need. The Afghan Hounds, for example, require much more upkeep and daily grooming than shorter-haired animals. Other dogs, such as the Golden Retriever and Dalmatian, continually shed their fur, creating some regular messes around the house.

When you have come to a decision on the type of dog you wish to purchase, the first step is to contact your national kennel club for references of quality breeders in your area. Dog shows are another good grounds for finding the animal of your dreams, and also provides you an up-close experience with the dog you are considering. This venue is also a good place to ask questions for other owners or breeders of the breed, and inquire if the dogs or anyone they may know in their circle will be having puppies anytime soon.

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