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denali star How to Keep Your Rottweiler Safe From Lyme Disease denali star


How to Keep Your Rottweiler Safe From Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium that is transmitted to rottweilers through tick bites.  It is, unfortunately, becoming more prevalent and it is important that rottweiler owners understand the symptoms for early detection and the preventive measures they can take to protect their rottweiler.

Early Warning Signs

The most common symptom of Lyme Disease in dogs is limping.  Often, the limping begins in one of the front legs.  Limping can come on suddenly.  It often begins as a barely noticeable limp and progresses to complete disuse of the affected leg in a matter of days. 

Other symptoms include lymph node swelling in the legs that are affected by limping and an elevated temperature.  These can be more difficult for an owner to detect at home and are often detected by a vet when the owner brings the dog in for limping. 

It is extremely important for owners to take their rottweilers to the vet as soon as they notice limping or any other signs of Lyme Disease.  Lyme Disease is treatable especially, with early detection and treatment.   Without proper treatment, permanent joint and nerve damage can occur.  The Lyme Disease bacteria can also spread to vital organs such as the heart.  The most common treatment for Lyme Disease is antibiotics that are administered over the course of a few weeks.


There are a few steps that owners should take to prevent Lyme Disease and to make sure that if the dog does contract the disease that it is detected early.  These steps include:

         Vaccinations: Your vet may be able to give your rottweiler a vaccine to prevent Lyme Disease.  This is most commonly given as two shots with annual boosters.

         Monthly Medications: Consult with your vet to determine if you live in an area where monthly medications, administered at home, would be beneficial for your rottweiler.

         Tick Collars: These may be effective at preventing the tick bites that transmit the Lyme Disease bacteria.

         Education: Educate yourself, through reading or talks with your vet, about where ticks are most commonly found.  While it is true that ticks can be found anywhere, they are most often found in high grass or brushy areas.  Keep your rottweiler away from areas that are most likely to have high concentrations of ticks.  Also, there are only a few kinds of ticks (albeit common ones) that carry Lyme Disease.  Know what these ticks look like so that if you do find one on your rottweiler you can know whether you should be concerned about Lyme Disease.

         Tick Checks: Examine your rottweiler carefully whenever you come in from outside.  Promptly remove any ticks that you find on your rottweiler.  The sooner you find a tick and remove it, the less likely your rottweiler is to be infected.  If the tick is a kind that may be a Lyme Disease carrier then you can bring it to the vet to see if this particular tick was in fact a carrier.

So, while Lyme Disease can be frightening and have serious consequences, the consequences can be minimized with good prevention and early detection.

Written by Ryan Matthews of Oh My Dog Supplies - your source for sturdy wooden dog steps






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