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denali star Teaching Your Rottweiler to Ask To Go Outside denali star


Teaching Your Dog to Ask To Go Outside

One of the worst things about training a rottweiler is learning to see the signs that your dog gives you when he/she has to go! If you are waiting for your rottweiler to walk to the door every time they need to go out you need to think again. However, there are a few things you can do to teach your dog how to let you know when itís time for a walk. Teaching a rottweiler to go outside isnít any different than trying to teach then anything. It takes time and patience and treats and then some more patience and time.

A very easy way to teach your rottweiler how to let you know itís time to go out is to hang a bell from a piece of heavy string on the door knob of the outside door that you use to take out your dog. Hang it low enough for your rottweiler to be able to push it with his/her nose and every time you take the dog tap their nose to the bell and ring it and say whatever it is you choose to use as a command for going outside. Every time you touch the dogs nose to the bell be sure to praise him as if he had just done something extremely wonderful. You can reinforce the praise with treats as well. Immediately after praising, open the door and take him/her out or let him/her out whatever the case may be.

Within several days you will find that your rottweiler is ringing the bell on their own to get you to let them outÖ continue to praise them each time you reward them by opening the door. You should keep in mind that a dog is likely to test this bell ringing theory quite often in the beginning so be prepared to let him/her out often. You should stop giving treats as rewards and simply let the reward be going outside this will help end that behavior.

Also remember to keep your rottweiler on a fairly steady routine such as eating, going out, play time, and even sleeping. Having a routine will make it easier for you to gage when during the day the dog seems to have to go out the most and listen for that bell. Be sure to open the door and let the dog out each and every time they ring the bell otherwise they will slip back to old behaviors quite fast.

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