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denali star What To Do With Your Rottweiler During The Work Day denali star


What To Do With Your Rottweiler During The Work Day

Many rottweiler owners work long days away from home and worry about the rottweilers they leave at home.  The reality is that many people work and have rottweilers that are happy and well cared for.  However, there are some important measures that you can take to make work days easier on your rottweiler.

Why Do I Need to Take Care of My Rottweiler While I’m At Work?

If you work long days outside of the home then you should provide for some stimulation and exercise for your rottweiler while you are working.  This is important because a well exercised rottweiler is usually better behaved.  You have a better chance of preventing your rottweiler from chewing on furniture or barking incessantly if your rottweiler is properly exercised and not bored.  This is especially true for active breeds and puppies.  There are only so many hours a day that a rottweiler needs to sleep and if a rottweiler is not provided with anything to do during the daytime hours than sleep may elude him or her at night.  This can mean a restless night for both canine and human alike and is certainly something you want to prevent. 

How Can I Take Care of My Rottweiler While I’m At Work?

You might be wondering what you can do to entertain and exercise your rottweiler if you are away from home.  There are a few options. The best option for you and your rottweiler depends on your budget, your rottweiler’s activity level, and your rottweilers comfort level with new people, new places or being let loose in your home.  The options include:

·         Giving your rottweiler free reign in all or part of your home.  If you get home with plenty of time to feed and walk your rottweiler but are concerned that your rottweiler is too lazy during the day then you might consider allowing your rottweiler access to part or your entire home.  You can hide dog treats or new toys and allow your rottweiler to find them during the day.   You can keep the TV or radio on so that your rottweiler hears human voices and doesn’t get lonely.  You can allow your rottweiler access to his own toys and if he gets along well with another dog then you can consider allowing them to be together during the day.

·         Hiring a dog sitter.  There are professional dog sitters that will come to your home and play with, feed and walk your rottweiler.  A trustworthy teenager may also be able to come to your home after school to play with, feed and walk your rottweiler and may be significantly less expensive than a dog sitter.

·         Enrolling your rottweiler in a doggie day care.  This is a relatively new concept that has evolved in recent years.  The concept works much the same as day care for small children.  You drop your rottweiler at a home or center and the caretakers play with, exercise and feed your rottweiler.  Some places are fancier than others and may offer activities such as swimming and agility training or services such as vet care and grooming.  This can be great fun for your dog but can also be very expensive.

Long work hours may be hard on you and on your rottweiler but with a little planning, your rottweiler will be happy when you get home.

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