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Psychology of Dog Training Psychology of Rottweiler Training - Why Do We Correct Our Rottweilers? Why do we Correct our Rottweilers


Psychology Of Rottweiler Training - Why Do We Correct Our Rottweilers?

There are many reasons why we want to correct Rottweilers. We are not trying to make the dog submissive or want them to feel guilty or ashamed of their behavior. We want the rottweiler to be appropriate and settle down. Itís not easy for rottweilers to be inside or to always behave appropriately, that is why we have to strip away a dogís anger, betrayal or bad behavior. That is what we are trying to accomplish when we correct a rottweilers behavior.

While this would be nice, it is not plausible in most cases. Stripping away emotions do not work because rottweilers are unable to learn not to do things. Dogs are only able to learn to do things. An example of this is, a dog canít learn to be still until it learns to be calm. Many owners think that when they command their rottweiler to sit, they are getting it to settle down. When in reality they are giving their rottweiler an action, or something to do.

Rottweilers begin having problems with humans when they resort back to their natural animal instincts and wild tendencies. These inclinations are perfectly normal if they were living in their natural habitat. When strangers come by or they reunite with familiar faces, they tend to become very excitable. At the same time when they are left alone, they often become destructive and they always want to yank you all over the place when youíre on a walk. These behaviors are normal for them and are inborn traits. When they do these things it is not a reflection on them as pets or you as an owner.

Training rottweilers often becomes problematic because of peopleís perception on how rottweilers should be trained. There are different methods to training dogs and some proven methods that do not work. Yelling at your rottweiler not to pull or jump on strangers may work for the short term, but is not a long term solution. Instead, owners need to teach their rottweilers how to interact around people, itís not that they cannot touch them; it is how they touch people.

The only tool a rottweiler needs to have is focus. Focus will allow a rottweiler to settle down and when they ultimately want something the dog will act calm rather then its normal nervousness. Success and rewards will help enable this behavior and allow to us train rottweilers to do the things we want.

Article provided by Paula Carter – for more dog articles by Paula, check out additional topics on Orthopedic Dog Beds | Memory Foam Dog Beds & suggestions on dog training.




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